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Sharing Love Through Food

The ZaZ Foundation strives to create a culture of empowerment through its programs, support, and services. Culinary education and the tools for self-sufficiency should be made available to all. Explore our free online courses and certifications below!





Introduction To Bartending

Take your first step into the culinary industry as a bartender! In our 30-day course you will have the chance to learn about the history of the profession, the essential behind spirits, liquors and the tools of the trade. We even help prepare you for TIPS certification! Sign up free today.


The ZaZ Foundation’s mission is to equip our youth and marginalized communities with skills in the food & beverage industry, which can provide income for them and their families. These chefs, restaurant managers, servers, line cooks, & mixologists will understand the value of nutrition, the importance of high-quality service, and the necessity of developing a high level of skill.

Our Partners 


Get in Touch

Are you interested in learning more about the foundation, or have a question about our programs/services? Shoot us an email and a member of our team will be in contact to answer your questions.

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