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Sharing Love Through Food

The ZaZ Foundation strives to create a culture of empowerment through its programs, support, and services. Culinary education and the tools for self-sufficiency should be made available to all. 


The ZaZ Foundation creates a culture of accountability for all members taking our cooking classes. We will consistently encourage and support all aspiring chefs to complete our programming.


The ZaZ Foundation will work to consistently grow the reach of our suite of programming - which include our online cooking course, food drives, and in-person classes.  


The ZaZ Foundation believes in the power of healthy collaborative circles. The organization also believes when people work together in pursuit of common goals and interests, the outcomes are far greater. 


The ZaZ Foundation believes that by training underserved youth and adults to work successfully in the culinary space, food deserts and food insecurity will be mitigated in underserved communities. 


The ZaZ Foundation’s mission is to equip our youth and marginalized communities with the life skill of cooking, which can provide income for them and their families. These chefs will understand the value of nutrition, and preparing meals that improve the body, mind, and spirits of the individuals who consume them.


Featured Services

Cooking Classes

Delivered virtually and in-person, The ZaZ Foundation’s cooking classes aimed to provide youth and adults with the life skill of cooking. Program participants will understand the value of nutrition, and how to prepare meals that improve the body, mind, and spirits of the individuals who consume them.

Culinary Training

The ZaZ Foundation trains underserved youth and adults – specifically previously incarcerated adults and juvenile delinquent youth to become culinary professionals. A trained chef feeds not just themselves, but a community.

Food Distribution

The ZaZ Foundation will provide food and meals to low-income individuals and communities. No one should have to be concerned about putting food on the table. Most of the food donations received come from generous members of the community by way of food drives or monetary donations, and sponsors.  

The ZaZ Foundation focuses on positively impacting the lives of individuals and communities throughout New England. Founded upon self-sufficiency, job-readiness, and community development principles, the organization’s customized impact-specific services and programs are rooted in love and delivered with dignity, respect, integrity, and excellence. The ZaZ Foundation believes everyone has a gift, and while sometimes gifts are not self-fulfilling, they can fulfill the needs of others in the community.

Featured Projects

ZaZ Foundation Launch

Support the launch of the ZaZ Foundation in 2023 - Attend our fundraising gala  and help us publish our first online cooking class portal, along with opening up our professional chef training program. 

Cooking Class Portal

Culinary education should be taught to all - everyone should understand how to prepare healthy dishes that have high nutritional value and are enjoyable to eat. The ZaZ Foundation Cooking Class portal will be funded entirely through donations - and a pay-what-you-can monthly fee, ensuring that anyone anywhere can learn this vital life-skill.

Our Partners 


Get in Touch

Are you interested in learning more about the foundation, or have a question about our programs/services? Shoot us an email and a member of our team will be in contact to answer your questions.

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