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The ZaZ Foundation focuses on positively impacting the lives of individuals and communities throughout New England. Founded upon self-sufficiency, job-readiness, and community development principles, the organization’s customized impact-specific services and programs are rooted in love and delivered with dignity, respect, integrity, and excellence.



Cooking Classes

Delivered virtually and in-person, The ZaZ Foundation’s cooking classes aimed to provide youth and adults with the life skill of cooking. Program participants will understand the value of nutrition, and how to prepare meals that improve the body, mind, and spirits of the individuals who consume them.

Culinary Training

The ZaZ Foundation trains underserved youth and adults – specifically previously incarcerated adults and juvenile delinquent youth to become culinary professionals. A trained chef feeds not just themselves, but a community.

Food Distribution

The ZaZ Foundation will provide food and meals to low-income individuals and communities. No one should have to be concerned about putting food on the table. One of the key ways in which the food distribution assists people is that it allows them to focus on steadying other areas of their lives.

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